Thursday, November 8, 2012

today, i went to chapel. what is significant about this you ask? nothing.  it was just like any other thursday at my school. but today, chapel was a different experience for me. i was more involved. i sang with the group that led worship. what an awesome experience to worship God with fellow students! but today the dorm that i live in was in charge of the whole shindig. & we decided to do cardboard testimonies. (for those of you who don't know what that is, you should google it or look it up on youtube!) there were forty of us who decided to get up & give our testimonies, making us super vulnerable to our peers by telling them a little bit about our stories. i tend to judge people that i don't know (i know, i am a horrible person) & think they just have perfect little families & perfect little lives. well, that my friends, is not true. not one bit. i learned today that i am not the only one. i am not the only  one who struggles. i am not the only who has been hurt & has felt alone in the world. there were forty of us who were willing to get up and share our stories & so many more stories that sat in chairs across the auditorium. & that just amazes me. the fact that we all had come together in place today & that each one of us has such a unique & different story. & then i think, wow this is just my school! what about my town? what about the state that i live in? what about the country? what about the rest of the world? so many different stories & here i am only thinking about myself & my problems & my story.
what is the point in this first blog of mine? i have no clue.  i just that know everyone that reads this, which won't be many, has their own story. what that might be? i have no earthly idea. but you do. & someone else needs to hear it, & more than likely, you need to get it off your chest. just remember one thing my dear friends, you aren't the only one.

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