Friday, November 9, 2012

growing up is hard to do...

this weekend is homecoming. & there is so much going on. there are people everywhere; alumni who are reminiscing, college students who are just going about their daily lives, and prospective students who are in awe of all that is happening around them. yet, there is this feeling about. & i don't know how to describe it. everyone seems to be enjoying themselves a little more & i feel like the school has just kind of come alive. of course, just because homecoming is happening doesn't mean that regular school stops (even though we all wish it would). so on top of school, there are games to attend, musicals to go to, people to meet, students to persuade, & lots of reunions & lunches to be at. it can get a bit hectic. and how can you fit homecoming into one day? simple answer: you can't. therefore, it's a whole weekend event that keeps everyone involved super busy.

today something awesome happened to me. you might find that it is not that awesome, but i think it's great. i had the privilege of volunteering to help at the registration table. & there were four of us. i was the only current student. i sat down in a chair & struck up a casual conversation with the man sitting next to me. & in that conversation found out some pretty awesome things. one, he has an awesome daughter & son-in-law & i have the privilege of being a part of the college group they lead! that was so awesome, but WAIT! there's more. he asked me where i am from & what church i was from. when i told him, he got all excited & told me that he knew my pastor. & in my brain, all i could think was wow! the nazarene church is even smaller than i expected! our conversation kept on going & we discovered that he even knew my dad, who was the youth pastor at our church! yeah, then i said out loud what had gone through my head. it's a small nazarene bubble! of course anyone who is a nazarene could tell you that. & of course, we were both excited about the connection that we had made. then the day continued as planned, people came & signed in & four o'clock, we said our goodbyes. tonight there are basketball games that require me to scream & shout til i have no voice left. then i am sure there will be some sort of late night movie party or "homework party," if those even really exist. or (this just in) a bonfire at a friend's house? who knows. i like to be spontaneous.
alas, tomorrow will be busy as well. tomorrow i get to spend seven & a half hours with kids whose parents are attending all the festivities. don't get me wrong, i love kids, it's the getting up at six thirty in the morning part that kills me. i am not a morning person, but i do know that once i see the kiddos come in, i will be all smiles.
today i am looking around my campus & i see groups of people that are talking about the times that they shared together & people catching up on what has happened in life over the past years. i can't help but be excited that i am a part of it, even if my role is a minor one. i get to be a student. i get to see a glimpse into my future. i get to see what i have to look forward to. i get to see that being apart of this community now will impact that future that i have. today i know that the decision i made to come to SNU was the right one. i will forever be grateful to this school & the lovely people that come with it.
ever feel overwhelmed because your life is awesome? don't worry, friends. you aren't the only one!

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