Saturday, November 17, 2012


procrastination: to delay or postpone action; to put off doing something. yeah, i know. it's miserable. but if it were a class, i would get an one-hundred percent, as would many other people that i know. these past few weeks have been so busy. & i am trying to balance a social life, academic life, & a sleep life, which i have been told on more than one occasion by facebook, (probably while procrastinating) is not possible. slowly i am learning that that statement isn't just a funny picture to look at but a reality. if i want great grades & a great social life, there is no time for sleep. if i want sleep & great grades, i would have no time for friends. if i want friends & sleep time, i wouldn't be able to stay at school because i would fail. do you see my dilemma? these four years that i plan on spending here means that i am never going to sleep. ever. i will not let my grades slip, or my friends. they both mean way to much to me. however, sometimes i let my social self get a little carried away & then i end up getting an upset stomach from laughing to much & no homework done. sometimes, the homework can wait. but this week, it shouldn't have been put off. & it was. i have a huge paper that is due on monday before i leave for thanksgiving. i started it today & finished it today. writing a paper in one day is not usually a problem, but today it took me eleven & a half hours. eleven & a half. & it's a great paper. procrastination at its finest ladies and gentlemen.

i have been told in the past that i freak out when under pressure. but when it comes to last minute paper writing, stress helps me out. when i know i only have a certain amount of time to write, i buckle down & get it done.

basically what i am trying to say is procrastination isn't always a bad thing. but i definitely wouldn't recommend it as a lifestyle.

what i want you to hear right now, is that if your friends are gonna make a late night run to sonic or on-cue, your paper can wait. i mean #yolo.

are you an a+ procrastinator? no worries friends, you definitely aren't the only one!

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