Wednesday, November 28, 2012

OH, Christmas Tree

moment of truth here. i am a broke college student who loves christmas. i have shared in a previous post about my love of christmas & the story behind this crazy love. however, today we had quite the adventure, and by we i mean me & a couple of other friends. we went christmas tree shopping. remember we are in college, so in our minds we were thinking maybe a four foot tree. the first place we decided to look was good will. people are getting rid of their old trees to buy new ones. we went in & got distracted by some lovely prom dresses that were on a rack (c'mon, you know it's easy to get lost in a good will). then, i started walking around looking for a tree & i was a tad bit disappointed because i couldn't find one. but....i kept walking to the back of the store & there in the corner, was a brown box with clear tape on it. i looked at it saw how much it cost & i knew i had to have it. ladies & gentlemen, i bought a seven & one half feet christmas tree for fifteen dollars....fifteen dollars! i am beyond excited about this buy. this tree probably cost its previous owners two hundred dollars, easily. of course, my friends were excited about this as well, & then we moved on to find lovely decorations for it.
tonight, we are going to decorate it all together, & it makes me think of home & the lovely time that i have with my precious family putting the tree together. tonight will be special because for the first time i will put up a tree with my best friends. & that is a new adventure & a part of growing up & making new traditions. there will probably be christmas music & some hot chocolate involved, which is ALWAYS a good idea. i am more than excited about how today has turned out & with decorating a christmas tree in the near future with my besties, it can only go up from here!

if you haven't put up your christmas tree yet, you better hurry up! christmas is only one day of the year, & sadly it's only 24 hours just like the other days. get decorating!

are you enjoying your christmas tree too much? don't worry, you aren't the only one!

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