Monday, October 7, 2013

oh tannenbaum

well, it's october & if you know me, you know that means that the christmas decorations are up! & let me say, my tree looks awesome. last year around christmas time i decided that since i was in college there was a need for me to buy my own christmas tree for my dorm, just three or four feet high. so i did what any college student would do & i went to the nearest goodwill. at the second goodwill we went to, just when i was about to give up, i found a box....a big box. a box that had a seven and one half foot christmas tree in it. for fifteen dollars. are you kidding me? i bought it. there were no questions asked. even if my friends were going to let me put it up in our room, there was no way i was letting a seven and one half foot christmas tree for fifteen dollars get away from me. artificial trees cost way too much these days for that nonsense. anyhow, i didn't have to beg very hard for them to let me put the tree up, they thought it was just as awesome as i did.

so now here i am. it is october seventh. i am sitting in my living room, the roommate is doing homework, and we are contemplating going to bed, even if it is ridiculously early. & my christmas tree is there. all seven and one half feet of it. & it is glorious. i have been listening to christmas music nonstop for the past few days & the weather even cooled off for the weekend so that it seemed a little more normal.

most people will probably wonder why in the world i would choose to put up my christmas tree in october. well, i am so glad that you asked! yesterday, october sixth, was my dad's birthday. it's been a tradition for a long time to put up our christmas tree towards the beginning of the month of october & it always happened right around his birthday. since he loved christmas so much, it only seemed logical. just because he is gone now doesn't mean that tradition changes, & just because i am not at home with my family to put up our family tree doesn't mean that i can't start making my own traditions here. my roommate & i made homemade cookie dough the night before. i made dinner for my friends that came to help & we ate way too many cookies.

but oh well. my christmas tree is up. yes, it's only october, & yes i celebrate the holidays in between.

if you ever need something to brighten your day, stop on by. the tree is sparkling & my favorite "christmasy" scentsy scent is burning.

i love christmas.

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