Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October is Over....

i have managed to write only one other blog post in the month of october. & of course, it was about christmas, because the tree is up. i have been enjoying having the tree up, as have many of my friends. but some people think i am absolutely crazy. & to that i say, i have been called worse things than crazy so...

anyhow, if i tried to write about everything that has happened between my last blog post and this one, we would all get bored. i would get tired of writing & eventually you would stop reading.

here is something kind of random & fun. i am starting an article for my school newspaper called "Cooking On Campus." it will just have some recipes that i have made that are simple for college students to make. it will be something different & hopefully give them a little break from sodexo ;)

i changed my major this semester, which has already proven to be awesome. while i am going to be at school for a time longer, i know that i am doing the right thing. many people think i am crazy switching my major in my senior year, but oh well. like i said, i have been called worse things than crazy. & i am super excited about being here on campus & i am even more excited about this incredible peace that i have had since making my decision, crazy or not.

this past sunday was our fall festival at church. what a fun time! lots of little kids in cute little costumes, candy, hanging out with friends, and even having a friend show up in a teletubbie costume. ha. i don't think i need to remind you that i have awesome friends. there are past blog posts to read about that, but really. i have great friends.

one thing that i think i am going to struggle with the most with this whole changing of the major is the fact that come next may, my closest group of friends will be graduating. & that makes me a little sad. but i know that there will be people that i can become closer friends with that will be there for me!

anyhow, that is a bit of an update. i can't wait for thanksgiving & i can't wait to see my family, but i can wait to do all the homework that comes in between now & then.

until next time my blog readers, until next time.

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